Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretaries Benefits

Easy to use

  • Inuitive user-friendly software
  • Comprehensive on-line help
  • Training Mode
  • Access to friendly, knowledgable in-house Customer Support helpline


Accurate billing

  • Built in insurance company schedules, regularly updated.
  • EDI (electronic billing) reduces paperwork and helps eliminate insurance company payment errors.
  • Automatically cross-check diary appointments with invoices raised to ensure none forgotten.
  • Automatic calculation of different insurers multiple procedure calculations


Diary management

  • Fast access to diaries (clinic diaries & theatre lists)
  • Fill cancelled appointment slots with automatic tracking of patients who have requested short notice appointments
  • Easily inform patients of cancelled clinics
  • Increased patient attendance levels (reduces forgotten appointments by automated text message or email appointment reminds)
  • Securely email clinic lists to hospitals
  • Clear display of appointment availability


Correspondence / Communication

  • Reduced typing : all patient/GP/Insurer details only ever need to be typed in once.
  • Automated letter writing – Standard letters are produced with minimal user effort.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Word
  • Complete recording of all communication (both sent and received) via letter, email, SMS text messages, Fax, etc.
  • Advanced mailshot system for writing to patients, GPs, Solicitors, etc who match given criteria.
  • Access to library of hundreds of computerised forms for hospitals, clinics, insurers, etc. All known information is automatically completed, the user can “fill in the blanks” then print onto plain paper.


Time Saving

  • Fast automated production of reminder letters for unpaid invoices
  • Reduced reliance on paper files - all the information is in Practice Manager
  • Fast, simple production of accounts reports for the accountant